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Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Wolf is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. This is a year long post graduate certificate where he learned how to diagnose and treat most sports injuries ranging from concussions to sprained ankles. Dr. Wolf has been a sideline doctor at sporting events and has worked with high schools on injury prevention programs. The two most common types of athletes Dr. Wolf sees in practice are the weekend warrior and high school athletes.

Is Chiropractic good for athletics?

Chiropractic biomechanically makes the body perform more efficiently. There are many studies that show that regular chiropractic adjustments boost performance by 10%. It is for this reason that 90% of all world class athletes use chiropractic to boost performance and prevent injuries. Most world class athletes do not wait until they get hurt… they do everything they can to prevent themselves from being injured. There are many videos of athletes giving their testimonial to chiropractic. You can easily find these by searching “athlete testimonials in chiropractic” on Google or YouTube.


  • The doctor who oversees all medical staff for the Olympics is a chiropractor
  • Every NBA team has a team chiropractor
  • Every NFL team has a team chiropractor
  • Only 1 MLB and NHL team does not have a team chiropractor
  • 95% of colleges have a team chiropractor

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